I’m honored and grateful to havebeen selected to serve as the American Supply Association’s 48th national president. 

I would also like to thank my wife, Rita, for tolerating my serving as president and the busy travel schedule that goes along with it.  Come to think of it, maybe that’s why she was so excited I was selected! I’d also like to thank the Milford Supply team in St. Louis that is willing to pick up the slack while I’m gone on ASA business; that is an important key in my ability to serve.

ASA is an amazing organization. In 2016, we are going from one of the largest distributors in the industry to one of the smallest leading this amazing association. That is a testament to the value of ASA’s strategic governance process. The value sets between 2015 ASA President Rick Fantham (Hajoca Corp.) and myself may be different, but our mission as an industry association remains the same and is what is driving our success.

Over the years, volunteer leaders have worked hard to guide ASA back to prominence as the leader of our industry. I believe the industry has started to recognize our leadership and value. 

ASA University’s exceptional educational programs are rapidly becoming the one-stop-shop training that makes ASA the unequaled leader in industry training. We also have expanded our leading role in protecting our member’s interests in Washington, D.C., with our partnership with industry buying groups.  In 2015, we led WIT on the first-ever buying group visit to Capitol Hill. We are looking forward to AD partnering with us this spring and await other buying groups to join us each year after that. Through ASA’s leadership we are engaging the entire industry into an effective advocacy force for change.

I also am excited to see ASA expand our leadership role in the codes and standards arena. With our 320 distributor members, 100 manufacturer firms, 120 rep firms and 4,000 branch locations, ASA is best positioned to lead in this area. We are a consensus organization and through our strategic governance process, it allows for all interests in the industry to provide input and build a consensus on every codes and standards issue we face.

Through our extensive branch and facility reach, we are uniquely positioned to provide the necessary influence to impact future codes and standards attacks on our industry. Bringing a position on staff to address these issues will complete our leadership influence in every area that impacts our members’ ability to compete. 

It is an exciting time for our association and I, for one, cannot wait to experience the continued growth and value firsthand. We are armed with a great strategic plan and strong dedicated volunteer leaders. Exciting things are still ahead for our organization, our members and industry. 

As they say in my home town of St Louis, which is the greatest baseball town in the nation with the greatest baseball team (the Cardinals), it’s my job to keep the line moving.

Thank you for your trust in me and for the honor of serving ASA.