From Metals Service Center Institute, shipments declined from 2014 levels in November for both steel and aluminum in the U.S. and Canada at somewhat slower rates than October 2015 numbers. Inventory positions, MSCI noted, declined again for both segments in both countries.

U.S. service center steel shipments in November 2015 decreased by 8.1% from a year ago. Steel product inventories decreased 7.0% from November 2014 levels.

U.S. service center shipments of aluminum products in November decreased by 3.3% from the same month in 2014, while inventories of aluminum products decreased 2.0% from November a year ago.

In Canada, service center shipments of steel products decreased by 11.3% from November 2014 levels. Steel product inventories dropped 19.1% from November 2014.

Service center aluminum shipments in Canada dropped 12.9% from November 2014 levels. Inventories of aluminum products decreased 10.7% in Canada from November 2014 levels.