Slant/Fin hosted its High-Efficiency Expo in late September at company headquarters in Greenvale, N.Y. The event featured exhibits from Slant/Fin and partners such as Taco, Beckett, Wohler and National Grid. Factory tours and a variety of seminars also were offered. Slant/Fin displayed a number of its products, including live-fire demos of its VSLII, EC and CHS boilers. A barbeque lunch was severed to attendees.

“The expo is the most special event we do in any year,” Slant/Fin Chairman and CEO Adam Dubin told Supply House Times in a video available at

“This is Slant/Fin putting its best foot forward. We bring in people from all over the country and everything is on display. It’s a one-of-a-kind event.”

Vice President of Sales Bob Flanagan added: “It gives contractors and our customer base the opportunity to come down and meet us.”

Dubin stressed visitors who toured the factory were given a firsthand glimpse into the essence of the 66-year-old company founded by Dubin’s late father, Mel. “We put a lot of care into these products and that comes from my father on down,” Dubin said. “It’s instilled in all of us in the way we test products. No corners are cut. By meeting all of us they get to see the care we put into the products we make. They will see a product made by people who have been making boilers for 20, 30 and sometimes 40 years. People work their whole careers here and those are people who care about the products they are making.”

The event was capped by comedian Jim Breuer, who provided attendees with plenty of laughs during his time on stage.