For use in a wide range of processing applications ranging from sanitary and food processing to water treatment and chemical operations, Matco-Norca now offers a broad range of carbon-steel and stainless-steel valves. Product elements, all in stock, include CS and SS flanged ball valves, threaded ball valves, socket-weld ball valves and gate valves, as well as SS threaded gate valves, SS globe valves, SS check valves and SS threaded Y strainers in one-, two- and three-piece design with reduced and/or full port. CS and SS ball valves feature a choice of flanged, threaded and socket-weld end connections, blowout-proof stems and locking handle on device availability. For complete information on the entire family of CC and SS valves, visit the company website and download the new carbon- and stainless-steel valves brochure.