Beschloss Perspective

Editor’s note: This is a letter Ferguson Founding Chairman David Peebles wrote to Supply House Times columnist Morrie Beschloss.

What a thoughtful and relevant tribute you made to Charlie Horton (Supply House Times founder) in the January issue. To know Charlie was to love Charlie with his intensity and enthusiasm coupled with his dedication to our industry. You remind me of Charlie in that regard. There are people like you who have seen our industry grow from the mom-and-pop style with a few large chains doing things in the same old way and then looking nearly 60 years later and noting the daily progress being made in our industry by thoughtful deliberation receptive to change.

The Beschloss Perspective will have the insight of the writer spanning years of experience and not only reflection on the past, but reflection on the tremendous opportunities of the future. Who would think that our company would be doing $1 billion in online sales and continuously change each year in the way we have to respond in a changing business climate. It is exciting.

I simply wanted to pause and say thank-you and Godspeed in your maturing years in contributing to keep our industry rolling and on its toes.

David L. Peebles
Ordinary, Va.


Showrooms of the future

I loved Hank Darlington’s article in the January issue on “Showrooms of the Future.” As the new director of seven showrooms at APR Supply, I sent the article to all my showroom staff to immediately read. I truly see the need for us to act as retailers and look hard at the boutique approach to showroom sales. Far too often over my career I have heard plumbers and even our wholesale team say we sell “too high-end” and should display and sell builder-grade. What I say is, “Live in the past, get left behind.” Please know that Hank’s insight and your publication provide great value to this industry. I look forward to making our showrooms that much closer to what was described in Hank’s article.

Jeff MacDowell
Director of Purchasing/Director of Showrooms
APR Supply
Lebanon, Pa.

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