An AHR Expo Product Clarification

In the March issue ofSupply House Times, Jim Wheelermentioned in his columnour new coil cleaning product known as the Condenser Needle. Apparently he had stopped by our booth at the AHR Expo in Chicago to see the product demonstration. I am afraid he may have gotten us mixed up with another supplier. SpeedClean’s foaming coil cleaner (trade name SpeedyFoam) is an environmentally friendly, alkaline-based, biodegradeable, non-hazardous degreasing formula. It is not a sodium hydroxide based solution as he indicated in his article. We do not sell any caustic, acid, or hazardous cleaning chemicals. One of the most significant advantages of both the Condenser Needle and the CoilJet is their unique design that allows for cleaning from behind the coils, as Jim Wheeler mentioned. Because of this, it is simply not necessary to use many of the more common hazardous coil cleaning chemicals that are currently coming under such scrutiny in the industry. As such, we are promoting the use of our SpeedyFoam, when used with the Condenser Needle or CoilJet, as an environmentally friendly alternative to the “old school” methods of coil cleaning.

Timothy J. Kane
Stamford, CT

Jim Wheeler responds:
The PH is 13 and the ingredients are not lye, as I stated, but 2-Butoxyethanol, Trisodium Phosphate, and Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate.