The Importance Of Sales Training

Congratulations to Jim Olsztynski on his “In Closing” column in the January 2009 issue ofSupply House Times(“A Good Time To Invest In Training,” page 144).  As you know, I am a HUGE proponent of training people in our industry.

I truly believe folks are doing a better job in this all-important area - especially in the fields of product knowledge, IT skills and company policies and procedures. But (and there isalwaysa “but”) it drives me nuts that in this selling business that every wholesaler is engaged in, very few companies do any training on selling skills. I’m sure that everyone out there would agree that nothing happens until someone sells something. Nothing! So why don’t the powers that be of our fine wholesalers make sales skills training a priority?

The American Supply Association ( has developed a terrific workbook and eight-hour workshop on “The Essentials of Profitable Showroom Sales.” In my humble opinion, every wholesaler that operates a showroom should make this a “must” course for every one of their showroom sales consultants. Keep up the great job!

Hank Darlington
Darlington Consulting
Gold River, CA