Dear Industry Colleagues,

I am honored to have been asked to serve as the 2013 president of the American Supply Association.

ASA has come a long way over the last few years in regaining our relevance as a leading association. We have focused efforts in several areas that really needed

"ASA is poised to reach
greater heights in 2013."

our attention. From securing our finances to offering education and training programs that are unmatched in our industry to providing a wide array of member services that add value to company operations, ASA has been quite busy. Throughout 2013, I pledge to build on the tremendous momentum we have established.

Over the past several years, our association has faced some very tough challenges. During that time, Mid-City Supply’s Jeff New talked about aligning our association’s leadership behind strategic governance by which our committees, volunteers and staff would be guided.

First Supply’s Joe Poehling outlined a vision by which we would bring the industry together and work cooperatively in achieving those goals. As a result, ASA reached out to industry buying groups in a spirit of cooperation and mutual interest. Slakey Brothers’ Frank Nisonger challenged us to build a full-time presence on Capitol Hill, where today our voice is being heard like never before. Kenny Pipe & Supply’s Bill Kenny talked about expanding our role in training, which would result in our members’ employees being the best trained in the industry. Just this past year, 2012 ASA President Scott Weaver challenged us to develop an economic forecasting model to provide members with a glimpse of what will be coming at them.

Well, what’s next? What great new challenge can I put forth that will not exhaust our terrific staff and volunteers beyond their limits? I propose that we don’t have to keep adding new programs to be great. As a matter of fact, sometimes we just need to continually improve on what we already have in the playbook. The late, great Boston Celtics legend Red Auerbach used to say that his team would perfect its plays so others would try to copy them. That is my plan for 2013. To improve and enhance what we are already doing.

We will continue to build ASA University and embed our five colleges deep into the operations of all our members and create a recruiting effort that attracts people into this great business. We must continue to engage the industry behind our advocacy efforts; which will culminate in our 2013 convention next year in Washington, D.C. Through new publications such as PVF Outlook and the launch of a second magazine, PB Outlook, we will continue to connect and cultivate relationships with the customer groups of our PVF and plumbing-based members. We also will complete the launch of our industry’s forecasting program with the support of our industry’s buying groups.

Our vision and long-range plan are strong. Our committees are working hard and are guided by our strategic plan. More and more of our members are participating on a volunteer basis. We will continue to measure our success through the numerous goals we set each year. Our leadership and membership must commit to keep working together with ASA staff to reach the next level of success.

Welcome to 2013. Let’s make it great one.