Toolbox Talks Step 20: Machine/Equipment Safety and Guarding

While all plans within a company’s safety policy are important, it is the Machine/Equipment Safety and Guarding Plan that many safety coordinators will point to as an area where injuries, if incurred, are routinely severe. A bad incident with a chop saw or wire spooling equipment rarely ends well. It is for this reason that management tends to pay extra attention to this area of the policy.

So what constitutes a good plan for machine/equipment safety and guarding? What things should it include? There are 10 components for designing a plan on machines and equipment. Each component serves a specific function to ensure that the plan is consistent, clear, effective, and supports the overall safety policy. To ignore one component is to underestimate the importance of the plan. Visit the Safety Resources section ofwww.asa.netto review the specific components of a good plan and find aToolbox Talkto use in educating your employees on this important topic.