Challenging winter weather is a reality for a large part of the United States. Preparing for winter weather conditions and responding to them effectively can reduce the dangers caused by winter weather and help employees remain healthy and safe in spite of the weather. Some of the common hazards associated with working in winter weather include: driving accidents due to slippery roadways, slips and falls due to slippery walkways, hypothermia and frostbite due to the cold weather exposure, being struck by falling objects such as icicles, back injuries or heart attack while removing snow, and accidents secondary to glare from sunny conditions on snow.  

There are specific techniques for dealing with slippery roads and are discussed in more detail in two Toolbox Talks: “Driving Safely in Winter Weather” and “Roads and Weather” can be found A Toolbox Talk on avoiding slips, trips and falls is available Other areas of concern can be addressed through inspection, training and providing appropriate equipment. Visit the Safety Resources section ofwww.asa.netand read how taking time to prepare for inclement weather will allow you to deal with it successfully while continuing on your path to safety for your employees and profitability for the company.