Dear Industry Colleagues,

There’s a great quote from Milton Berle that says “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”  For companies in the PHCP & PVF industry, there is no need to build a door – ASA is that door, you just have to open it.

A topic of discussion at every ASA meeting that I’ve ever been to (and that’s a lot) is how to get people to use the awesome programs that ASA has available.  It’s like we have to drag people through that door of opportunity, but once they experience what is available to them, they recognize the value and incorporate ASA into their business lives.  For example, NetworkASA - ASA’s annual convention - is without a doubt the best opportunity you will have to connect with other industry members, plan with suppliers and customers, see speakers who inform and inspire, and quite simply collect information that will make your company stronger and ready to face any issue that comes up.

If you think you can’t afford the time or the cost, I challenge you that if Don McNeeley, President & COO of Chicago Tube & Iron, or Karl Rove, or public policy expert Joan Woodward, or Bruce Carbonari, chairman and CEO of Fortune brands, said they’d come to your business for a couple of days and talk about the outlook for the industry, what the mid-term elections mean to business or what’s on the horizon with the economy, you’d make time.  OK, so your budget probably couldn’t absorb all their costs, and that’s why coming to NetworkASA - where you could have seen ALL these speakers - is an unsurpassed value. 

I spent a lot of time during NetworkASA talking to people and listening to what they had to say, much of which are points worth sharing with you to help understand how valuable this meeting is to our businesses and how important ASA’s work is to our industry.  Here’s a sample of what wholesalers and manufacturers were saying at the meeting:

“ASA training has really come a long way in a short period of time.”   

“No matter what part of the country we’re from, we all face the same issues and challenges.  Being at the same tables with my peers from across the country, sharing our different approaches to solutions for common problems ... the value is indescribable, but it’s up to each of us on our own to put the new knowledge to good use.”

“We had a great show; can’t wait until next year.”

“ASA’s commitment to our industry is apparent.”

 “I loved the political aspects of it to see where our industry is coming from. You hear a lot of things, but a lot of times you don’t get it directly from the source. To hear it from an organization that I’m involved in that’s engaged on these issues on behalf of our industry was very positive for me.”

“It’s great to meet many people in our industry that I haven’t had a chance to meet through my buying group.”

“The information on the economy - both micro and macro - was second to none.”

“Involvement in ASA helps me to grow, learn and connect with people who uphold the same standards I believe in. If we all work together, our individual businesses succeed, and the industry as a whole is stronger.”

“Whenever I have a challenge, ASA has helped me build a network of peers that I can pick up the phone and call for help.”

“Today was an amazing day.  All I can say is ‘wow’ - and it’s not even over yet.”

Look for more detailed coverage of events atNetworkASA 2010in the pages of ASA News and throughout this and future issues ofSupply House Times. Visitwww.asa.netfor more information from the speakers.

Then mark your calendar for September 13-16, 2011 and be atNetworkASA 2011in Las Vegas. Open the door when opportunity knocks and take advantage of what your industry trade association has to offer, or in the future your business may find itself on the outside looking in.  

Frank Nisonger
Slakey Brothers