“NetworkASA has become the industry meeting we attend because there, we receive information we don’t get anywhere else,” beginsRobert Vick, vice president business development forLegend Valveand chairman of ASA’s Vendor Member Division.NetworkASA 2010: THRIVEis being held October 12-15 in Chicago and the agenda already has industry leaders motivated to attend.   

“A distinguishing factor about the meeting is it’s held in October, which allows manufacturers to get economic information at the end of the year and plan our business models for 2011. The value of the meeting for me is that we can get our budgets and strategies in line because ASA provides us with information that we’re not going to get at a buying group meeting or other industry meeting,” says Vick.  

On the agenda again this year are two programs that were introduced last year to outstanding reviews:Industry Interchangeand theWholesaler and Vendor Conference Appointments. “Last year, for the first time in 40 years ASA overhauled the interaction that manufacturers have with wholesalers,” continues Vick. “The conference appointments created an environment that allowed discussions beyond the ‘hello, how are you?’ of the past. When you have a sit down, face-to-face with nobody else around, it provides a chance to really talk about things.  Instead of standing around waiting for the walk-bys, vendors can select key wholesalers that they wanted to do something with, get results from. That’s why those meetings were more productive than any trade show booth meetings held in the past.”  

Complementing the networking meetings, internationally-known speakers will provide insight into economic trends, leadership values, and the impact government legislation - such as the healthcare bill - will have on a business. Industry favoriteDr. Don McNeelywill provide an invaluable look at an erratic economy and how industry leaders can identify strategies for success in an increasingly commoditized world of PHCP and PVF distribution. Political strategist, author and television commentatorKarl Rovewill look at the 2010 mid-term elections and their effect on many of the issues impacting the PHCP and PVF markets. Cultural icons such asMike DitkaandDaniel “RUDY” Ruettigerwill inspire those present to achieve greatness and leave attendees re-energized to gain success. “At a time when other associations are cutting their programs resulting in a decrease of value for attendees, ASA has expanded the value by bringing a line-up of experts not seen in any previous NetworkASA conferences,” shares Mike Adelizzi, ASA’s executive vice president. “Today, many manufacturers are searching for that slight edge over their competition to win sales in this highly competitive economy.  NetworkASA 2010 has been developed to provide that edge.  From educational topics that analyze end-user markets, to gaining new marketing ideas from industry experts, NetworkASA 2010 is the place to be if you are serious about thriving in the future,” adds Adelizzi.  

“Members of the ASA Vendor Member Division, the Industrial Piping Division and the Association’s Executive Committee jointly met last February to lay plans for ramping- up the value of NetworkASA as a vital industry event that will be invaluable to the profitable operation of manufacturers and distributors,” addsMark Whittington, senior vice president of sales PPD forElkay Manufacturing Company. “Looking at the 2010 program, it would be hard to pass on attending if you are serious about being a market leader in the coming years.”   

“Members of the Industrial Piping Division are pleased with the serious commitment the association has shown by investing tremendous resources to offer a highly robust program for PVF manufacturers and distributors,” echoesLarry Dildine, president ofThe Phoenix Forge Groupand member of the IPD Executive Council. “The IPD Executive Council worked with ASA to plan a series of meetings and seminars that truly have me energized about attending. I feel strongly the timely information that will be presented and the topical discussions make NetworkASA 2010 a ‘can’t miss’ event, especially in tough economic times.”  

Concludes Vick, “The meeting has been designed with a specific result in mind – manufacturers and wholesalers working together, looking forward in order to get the right results for next year.”  

To view the complete agenda and register, visit www.asa.net.