Network ASA 2010: Thrive was held in Chicago.

Being indispensable to achieving success for its members is the driving force behind everything that ASA does. ASA has adopted strategic planning as an operational philosophy, with ongoing re-evaluation of the critical knowledge bases that form the framework of our world, including being sensitive to member needs; insight into the future environment of the industry; understanding the capacity and strategic position of the organization, and effective analysis of the ethical implications of policy and program choices that the association makes. ASA’s strategic long-range plan represents a compass that has guided the organization’s work, increased the relevancy of its programs and laid the roadmap for the association’s future.  

How does ASA get there?  With outstanding volunteer leadership, working behind the scenes to plan, evaluate, strategize and implement. The high level of relevancy achieved by ASA’s programs and services over the past three years has been a direct result of the association’s leadership following this strategic path. AtNetworkASA 2010: THRIVE, ASA boards and committees met and continued the drive toward providing programming indispensable to achieving success in the PHCP and PVF industry.

The IPD Executive Council

The IPD Executive Council (pictured right) voted unanimously to extend Pat Adams’s (MKS Pipe & Valve), term as chairman through 2011 and Jeffrey Beall from American Pipe & Supply accepted the nomination to serve as vice chairman.  In addition, the Council devoted a substantial portion of the meeting to discussion about PVF supplier participation in the ASA events, financial support from the PVF segment of the organization, and how IPD can work to ensure that the different action items contained in ASA’s strategic plan are acted upon in ways that have relevance to the PVF segment of the industry. To this end, the Council appointed different members to serve on three different IPD task groups, including budget, operating guidelines review, and NetworkASA programming.

ASA Education Foundation Board of Trustees Meeting

Brian Burke, John Mills, Frank Finkel and John Edwards (pictured left) during a breakout session at the ASA Education Foundation Board of Trustees Meeting. The Trustees met to discuss development plans for 2011 and to continue the work started earlier this year on the ASA University model. ASAEF priorities for next year include the release of a new 3D Commercial Schematic©, an addition to the Essentials brand of courses on counter sales, improved and expanded ASAU Online course offerings and more!

The HVAC/Hydronics Division Executive Council

At its first meeting, the HVAC/Hydronics Division Executive Council (pictured right), selected Randy Tice (APR Supply) to serve as its Chairman with Jeff New (Mid-City Supply) to serve as Chairman-Elect and Reggie Hickman (Brock-McVey) as Secretary of the division. The committee got off to a fast start with approving a charter, reviewing proposed guidelines and prioritized programs to develop that will serve the needs of this niche market.

The Plumbing Division Executive Council

Led by chairman Dave Poteete (M. Cooper Supply), the Plumbing Division Executive Council (pictured left) established an Excellence in Plumbing award to begin in 2011. A committee will begin work on a marketing piece that will be distributed through the wholesalers to the plumbing contractors to help promote the value added benefit of being a part of ASA for distributors.  Another committee was established to provide simplified instructions and highlights of the results for the monthly economic survey to use in gaining better participation from the wholesalers. Also discussed was was the format of the manufacturer/wholesaler meetings at NetworkASA and how to improve the value added for both parties.

ASA chairman Joe Poehling

ASA chairman Joe Poehling (First Supply), here pictured right, leads the ASA Board of Directors meeting. During their time together, the ASA Board of Directors reviewed the association’s financial statement, approved the slate of officers for 2011, received a progress update from the ASA Education Foundation Board of Trustees meeting and discussed upcoming activities of the association’s five special interest divisions.