The American Supply Association Premier Vendor Program is designed to recognize the unique contributions that vendors make to the success of the association and the advancement of the PHCP and PVF industry. ASA values the efforts put forth by industry vendors that strengthen the channel of distribution.       

“The whole idea behind the Premier Vendor Program is to show wholesalers the vendors in our industry who walk the walk,” states Robert Vick, vice president business development for Legend Valve and chairman of ASA’s Vendor Member Division. “Being part of an association should be more than just paying your dues and sitting back, waiting for something good to happen.  You’re only going to get out of an organization what you put into it.”  

Of significant importance to many companies involved in the Premier Vendor Program is that there is an opportunity to earn recognition without having to make a significant monetary investment. In addition to becoming an ASA Supplier Partner or donating to the Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund, diamond awards are distributed for other activities, such as: membership in ASA, recruiting a new ASA member, attending an ASA regional convention or serving on an ASA Committee. “The Premier Vendor Program is twofold: it recognizes those who are involved and it encourages others to get more involved and get more out of their membership in ASA.”  

“As a wholesaler, it is important to me how invested a company is in our industry association,” shares Frank Nisonger, president of Slakey Brothers, Inc. and current ASA president. “If we are deciding between vendors and all other considerations are equal, we will consider how each company is involved with ASA and supportive of our industry to help guide our choices.”  

For more information on the ASA Premier Vendor Program, please contact Mike Adelizzi at (312) 464.0090, ext. 201.  To view a complete listing of the companies in the 2010 Premier Vendor Program, please visit the Benchmarking section