If you travel much, eventually you need to print while on the road.

There are lots of options. 

One is go to the hotel business center, where they likely will charge you $1.00 to $2.00per page.

Another is to find a local Kinko’s or office supply superstore. Cheaper, but still a lot more than it costs to print at home or at the office.

I’ve been carrying a portable printer for the past two years.

My first was an HP 460 (http://www.hp.com). Its advantage was that it used the same ink cartridges as a printer at home. But it was relatively bulky, taking more space in my carry on than I really wanted to give up.

About 18 months ago I switched to a Canon ip90v (http://www.usa.canon.com). It’s about half as thick as the HP (although a bit deeper). When I really want to save space/weight, I can power it off my iGo universal power brick instead of taking its already small brick. About my only complaint is the printer cartridges are relatively small, so I carry a spare black and color cartridge.

Both are relatively light, weighing in at about 2 to 3 pounds.

Both printers do great for normal printing. For instance, I frequently check in on-line and can print my boarding passes in the comfort of my hotel room.

They can also print on other media, such as labels, light card stock, etc. That makes them really useful for associations and companies that need a printer at a show.

There are times when having it on paper is really an advantage. Having a portable printer makes it easy and affordable. I may not use it every trip, but having it along is great.

My Canon now has about 150,000 miles of traveling on it and is looking forward to my next overseas trip…