Weather Guard is introducing brand new van storage solutions for the Ford Transit Connect van, a European commercial vehicle that is now available in the U.S. market. The custom bulkhead provides excellent protection against shifting loads, minimizes rattling and optimizes space. Shelving units fit tightly to the van’s walls, freeing up floor space, while 12-inch and 14-inch shelf widths provide storage flexibility.

In addition, a wide-range of cabinets, drawer units and floor storage options can be customized to specific requirements. Additional products such as the Pack Rat and Itemizer drawer units enhance efficiency and each is available in a variety of sizes, compartments and divider configurations.

Weather Guard roof storage offers additional capacity. Racks are versatile and strong to haul multiple ladders and equipment. A gas spring-assisted Quick Clamp rack option makes for easy loading and unloading. Optional cross member roof racks also are available. see a complete video on the new van storage solutions for the Ford Transit Connect van.

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