Santa Rosa, CA-based plumbing and HVAC wholesaler PACE Supply has created an environment that enhances the quality of life for its team members through a commitment to education.

Saniflo’s Chris Peterson (shown here) trains PACE Supply customers who have unique plumbing installation problems.

Education has been the vehicle to create new business for Santa Rosa, CA-based plumbing and HVAC wholesalerPACE Supplyand vendor partners likeSFA Saniflo Inc.- a manufacturer of a complete line of macerating toilet systems and gray water pumping systems for residential and commercial applications - despite the economic slowdown.

“Education is the foundation of our business development plan,” says PACE vice president/business development Barry Nitzberg, right, with training coordinator Aletia Sexton and Saniflo’s Chris Peterson.

Through its commitment to education, PACE has created a complete product training program. Although the program is said to require a significant time and resource commitment, the staff has systemized the process for speed and efficiency. "The expertise and advice from PACE employees who are well-trained creates a level of confidence in end-users that can’t be accomplished by literature and a web site alone,” says Saniflo Western regional sales managerChris Peterson.

In fact product sales sheets show the effectiveness of the efforts. “Even in a down market we are driving business with this product line,” he says. “The law changed, we responded with education, and the result is increased sales,” says PACE vice president/business developmentBarry Nitzberg.

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Source: SFA Saniflo