Friday Sessions Address Survival and Strategy

What’s keeping you up at night? Economy? Staffing? Heath care costs? Card Check? 
Wondering if you are the only one in the industry lying awake thinking about these issues? 

Sharing best practices and learning from peer experience has long been a cornerstone to the value of membership in ASA. AtNetworkASA 2009, this type of interaction will be raised to a new level during Friday morning’sPeer Networking Survival Sessions: What’s Keeping You Up at Night?Attendees will sit down with their peers and discuss what issues are impacting their survival and how they can be addressed. There will be five areas for these targeted discussions: CEOs, CFOs, Showroom Managers, Warehouse & Operations and Sales Managers. Facilitators will be present to initiate discussion topics, but the take-away from this program will be driven by attendee participation and dialogue.

Following a luncheon presentation on what the industry can expect to see in the coming months, attendees will participate inFuture Trends Strategy Sessions: Seeing Tomorrow Today.Topics addressed will include what to do with your company’s strategic plan when the conditions you planned for have changed dramatically, and specific trends related to our industry.

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For more information onNetworkASA 2009: POWER, please contact ASA at 312.464.0090.