Roundtable sessions and “how-to” workshops solidify agenda

ASA has invited President Obama, Vice President Bide and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanual to address the attendees at the NetworkASA 2009, ASA’s annual convention. “With Washington, D.C., the host city forNetworkASA 2009: POWER, it provides unprecedented opportunities for us to bring in high-ranking political officials to speak to the PHCP industry,” states Mike Adelizzi, ASA’s executive Vice President. “With an economy in crisis and a stimulus package that includes nearly $15 billion in water infrastructure spending, we’re providing them an opportunity to speak to an industry representing nearly 3,600 individual corporations employing 75,000 people who will be directly involved in those projects. Plus, with hundreds of attendees taking to The Hill on Wednesday afternoon, our presence will certainly be felt.”

In addition to the opportunities available to enact change through political advocacy, NetworkASA 2009: POWER will address the issues most pressing to industry business owners and managers. “At the recent ASA Board of Directors meeting, the following question was posed to those in attendance: What keeps you up at night?,” shares Adelizzi. “Many different answers came back, most having to do with the effects of a down economy. Our board members were curious as to what others are doing to address these concerns. We decided the roundtable sessions would be an ideal format to put distributors and manufacturers together to talk to each other about the issues they’re facing come fall.”Survival:  Hard Decisions in Tough Timesis the theme, and topics will be chosen close to event time, allowing flexibility to ensure the issues discussed are timely and critical to business survival. Industry experts will facilitate the discussions and participants will hear what the top distributors and manufacturers in the PHCP/PVF industry are seeing, planning and doing to stay focused and stable.  

On Friday afternoon, three workshops will address the “how to” of survival. Three topics will be discussed, with experts in the field presenting real-world tactics that attendees can implement immediately in their own businesses.  

Make sure you’re there to experience everything being offered duringNetworkASA 2009:  POWER, October 14 – 17, 2009 in Washington, D.C.Companies that register by March 31 and will save $100 per person. Visitwww.asa.netto view the complete schedule and register today.