The Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH), in conjunction with provincial/territorial plumbing inspectors, feels it is necessary to provide an industry bulletin on the distribution and installation of plumbing products that do not meet applicable standards. 

Uncertified products are being inappropriately sold and installed in all jurisdictions of Canada. In many cases, this is creating health and safety issues. 

The bulletins cover common questions and answers including:
  • Myths and realities about uncertified product;
  • How to determine if a product is certified;
  • The harm in stocking and selling uncertified fixtures/fittings;
  • The importance of understanding when to remove self-destructing labels;
  • How to verify a questionable mark; and
  • The advantages to using certified products.

    The bulletins are available on CIPH’s Website in both French and English. Please Read them here.