The company launches a new Web site,, to showcase T2Techonolgy™ and follow the adventures of HACKMAN.

LENOX®, manufacturer of power tool accessories, hand tools, torches, solder and band saw blades, recently announced the 2009 HACKMAN World Tour.Lee “HACKMAN” Bretonwill hit the road to share product knowledge about the new LENOX T2 Blade Technology™ on reciprocating saw blades and hacksaw blades.

Throughout 2009, HACKMAN will be traveling the globe making stops across the United States, South America, Europe, Asia and Canada. At each stop, he will demonstrate the strength of the T2 with his trademark vehicle cut appropriate for each location, including a double-decker bus in the UK, a Zamboni in Canada, and a Jeepney in the Philippines.

In support of the tour, LENOX is The site takes visitors on a virtual tour of the LENOX factory where they can learn about the new T2 through videos, demos and sampling. The site also lets visitors follow HACKMAN around the world as he sets out on the HACKMAN World Tour.

In the virtual T2 Test Lab, find out which blade is right for the job, watch blade comparison videos, try the T2 blade for yourself with a virtual cut and view a 3D animated tour of the T2 reciprocating saw blade features. The warehouse takes you through the Cutting Hall of Fame to see all of the cuts HACKMAN has done throughout his more than 25-year cutting career.

At the loading dock, ship a free blade to yourself. The final stop on the virtual tour will take you along for the ride on the HACKMAN World Tour. You can track tour stops on the map, view videos of his iconic cuts and read about his experiences on the road.

Site visitors can also sign up to receive an e-mail reminder when HACKMAN will appear on their side of the world.

Following are dates for the HACKMAN World Tour:
    March 10: Fradley, UK
    March 14: Frankfurt, Germany
    March 28: New Orleans, LA
    April 1: Vancouver, BC
    April 16: Winona, MN
    April 27: Japan
    May 1: Manila, Philippines
    May 4: Selangor, Malaysia
    May: 25: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
    June 8: Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT
    June 15: Seattle, WA and Portland, OR
    June 28: Loudon, NH
    Aug. 10: Rochester, NY
    Aug. 13: Toronto, ON
    Aug. 25: Atlanta, GA
    Sept. 3: Guadalajara, Mexico
    Sept. 7: Mexico City, Mexico
    Sept. 14: Ottawa, ON
    Sept. 28: New York City
    Oct. 19: Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV
    Nov. 2: Sweden
    Nov. 5: Paris, France
    Nov. 19: Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Nov. 7: Orlando, FL