The ASA Education Foundation now offers members turn-key training packages on its popularEssentialsseries of courses. This move allows companies to hold comprehensive, onsite training seminars led by professional instructors with minimal preparatory work for their own staffs. 

“We initiated this service in response to companies who wanted to train but felt they just didn’t have the time to put together an effective program,” shared Inge Calderon, ASA Education Foundation executive director. “The ASA Education Foundation has a framework that includes all of the important components for an effective session. We can work with the presenter to prepare for a customized approach to the company’s needs, and help promote the program to their employees for maximum effect.”

Etna Supply is the largest wholesale plumbing and waterworks materials distributors in the state of Michigan, with 16 sales counter locations in Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northern Ohio.  With over 300 employees in the Etna family, human resources manager Angela Visner has her hands full. Training is a priority at Etna and Visner was looking for a program that provided the basic fundamentals for profitability in distribution. Turning to the ASA Education Foundation, she explained her need and Calderon responded with the turn-key package forEssentials of Profitable Wholesale Distribution, which will be presented at Etna Supply by Dr. Kathryne Newton of Purdue University.

“Investing time and money educating our people about the fundamentals of distribution and what role we play in the supply chain is important to Etna,” said Visner. “This program will reinforce what it takes to be successful and profitable.  With this knowledge, we believe our staff will be more equipped to make ‘smart’ decisions in their daily activities, which will have a positive effect on our whole company’s bottom line.” 

“By bringing the training in-house to our employees, we are able to train more people than we would have if we sent them out to a seminar,” continued Visner. “We still get the professional speaker, all the training materials and the testing facility, but it becomes Etna’s program, taking the best training available and making it specific to our requirements. It was exactly what we needed and we found it at the ASA Education Foundation.”

Turn-key training is currently available forEssentials of Profitable Wholesale Distribution,Essentials of Profitable Inside SalesandEssentials of Profitable Showroom Sales.  For more information on bringing this training to your business, please contact Inge Calderon at 312-464-0090 ext. 202