Featuring 75% off current pricing and the Fundamentals for Profitability training package.

In recognition of our members’ ongoing support of the ASA Education Foundation for the past 30 years, and to celebrate the legacy of the Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund in its 10th anniversary year, we are pleased to announce an unprecedented discount on programs developed by the ASA Education Foundation.

Now through October 31, 2007, every ASA Member distributor and vendor can take 75% off the member price on their first $1,000 of purchases of training and education programs from the ASA Education Foundation. $1,000 value = $250 cost!

With this investment, ASA members can tap into the Foundation’s unparalleled people resources, receiving support in:

  • creating & implementing a training plan
  • ideas in how to inspire your employees to participate
  • developing a reasonable completion schedule
  • identifying next steps to maintain progress

    To ensure you maximize your training dollars on the programs you may use most, the ASA Education Foundation has developed a FUNDAMENTALS FOR PROFITABILITY package, inclusive of its most popular and proven material. The package consists of the following products:

      Essentials of Profitable PHCP Distribution
      Essentials of Profitable Inside Sales in Distribution
      Customer Service – The Path to Higher Profits
      The Art of Supervising and Motivating People, by Ed Felten
      ProductPro Product Knowledge courses – Basics of PHCP/Industrial PVF and the Specialty Products series

    By purchasing these products as the FUNDAMENTALS OF PROFITABILITY package, you will receive $1,100 worth of training programs for only $250! (plus S&H)

    OR, visit us at www.asa.net to see a full product catalog and build your own education package! You will still receive 75% off the first $1,000 of purchases (25% Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund donor discount can be used as well!).

    Order forms also available at www.asa.net. Questions? Please contact Paul Martin at 312-464-0090 x204 or pfmartin@asa.net.

    If you’ve used the programs in the past, come see what’s new.

    If this is your first look into the ASA Education Foundation, get ready for an educational experience second-to-none in the PHCP/PVF industry!