The ASA Education Foundation completed a new, comprehensive brochure for high school and community college students to educate them on the career opportunities that exist in the PHCP/PVF industry. The eight page brochure, entitledHot Careers Hidden in Plain Sight, exposes readers to the industry, career paths that exist and the benefits that a career in the PHCP/PVF wholesale distribution industry offers to society.

The brochure was developed primarily as a tool for wholesalers to use in their recruitment efforts. However, the Foundation is looking at the need to begin educating young people at an earlier age about the benefits of working in the PHCP industry well before they attend college. “Kids today are thinking about career paths even before they reach high school. Our industry needs to be proactive in providing information early on about careers that exist within our channel” said ASAEF Executive Director Inge Calderon “We’re looking at numerous ways in which ASA can have an impact on our country’s future labor force, and this new brochure and initiative is a great beginning.”

How To Get Your Copy
Copies of the brochure have been mailed to ASA members, and the Education Foundation is making it available to ASA members in a format that will allow customization or personalization with information about their own companies. Likewise, the Foundation will have a separate campaign to get these brochures into the hands of the school counselors and other academic institutions where ASA members can find new recruits.

For further information about how to use the Hot Careers Hidden in Plain Sight brochure, contact Inge Calderon at 312-464-0090, ext. 202 or email