TOTO promoted its Washlet toilet seat equipped with a personal hygiene system at various locations in Manhattan (New York) on Aug. 9 from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. with its first annual “Clean is Happy Day.”

The Washlet was demonstrated at the corner of 45th Street and Broadway in Times Square. Also, “Clean Dream” street teams canvassed Times Square, the financial district and Penn Station, handing out maps to TOTO Washlet showrooms and giving away smiley face buttons bearing the logo: “Clean Is Happy.”

Passersby in Times Square could see the “Clean Is Happy” billboard ad on 51st Street and Broadway.

The Washlet provides a gentle front-and-back aerated warm water spray that can be regulated for preferred water pressure and temperature. It features a heated seat, automatic air deodorizer and warm air dryer. A battery-powered remote control keypad provides an LCD read-out. Three models of the Washlet are offered at different price points.