The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) voted to continue to investigate imports of circular welded carbon steel pipe from China that are allegedly sold in the U.S. at less than fair value. As a result, the U.S. Department of Commerce was scheduled to make its preliminary countervailing duty determination due on or about Aug. 31, 2007, and its preliminary antidumping determination due on or about Nov. 14, 2007.

The Commission’s public report, Circular Welded Carbon Quality Steel Pipe from China (Investigation Nos. 701-TA-447 and 731-TA-1116 (Preliminary), USITC Publication 3938, July 2007), will contain the views of the Commission and information developed during the investigations.

Copies of the report were expected to be available after Aug. 20, 2007, by calling 202-205-2000 or from the Office of the Secretary, 500 E Street SW, Washington, DC 20436. Requests may also be faxed to 202-205-2104.