Inspired by his commitment to provide safe drinking water in public places, Halsey W. Taylor founded the company in 1896. Taylor had lost his father to typhoid fever caused by contaminated water and later had witnessed multiple cases of dysentery from unhealthy drinking water among the employees he supervised at a car manufacturer.

In 1912, Taylor developed the Puritan Sanitary Fountain and began production at the original manufacturing site in Warren, OH. After learning about the lack of sanitary drinking water in overcrowded army camps during World War I, Taylor developed the revolutionary Double Bubbler, which projects two separate streams that converge for a fuller, more satisfying drink.

Over the years the company has developed products for a variety of applications and styles. Recent introductions include the HVR Series, which includes vandal-resistant features; the OVL-II Series, featuring a sophisticated oval design, splash-resistant basin and universal mounting system; and the HTV Series, now available with personalized molded-in graphics.

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