WinWholesale (Dayton, OH) opened five new locations in recent months. The organization opened 10 new companies in 2006. The new wholesaling units include four Winnelson companies specializing in plumbing supplies and one Windustrial company offering industrial pipe, valves and fittings. The locations are: Baton Rouge Winnelson, 5830 McCann Dr., Baton Rouge, LA; Cottonwood Winnelson, 3405 E. Highway 89A, Ste B, Cottonwood (Yavapai County), AZ; Eugene Winnelson, 3395 W. 7th Ave., Eugene, OR; Sun City Winnelson, 3000 Durazno Ave., El Paso, TX; and  Los Angeles Windustrial, 2820 Seaboard Lane, Long Beach, CA.