Roth Global Plastics Inc., a 100% subsidiary of Roth Industries North America and sister-company of Roth Industries, has acquired all assets ofFralo Plastech Manufacturing LLC. Fralo’s current manufacturing and administrative facilities will remain in Syracuse, NY, as this will be the main headquarters of Roth Global Plastics. Roth will retain all Fralo sales management and manufacturers reps in the field and will continue business as usual producing tanks and accessories. Fralo said it is owner-operator of the world’s largest blow-mold machine and offers innovative blow-mold technology for the onsite waste treatment industry. Products include polyethylene septic, holding, potable water tanks, risers and other onsite treatment accessories. Roth Industries has more than 40 years of septic tank experience and uses the same technologies to produce its double-wall oil storage tanks, which should result in sales, distribution and product development synergies.