Use the Advocacy section of www.asa.netto contact local, state and federal representatives on legislative issues.

Step 1:  Go to
Step 2:  Select the Advocacy tab at the top of the Home page
Step 3:  Click on the Legislative & Political Action link
Step 4:  Go to the Action Center links on the right side of the page
Step 5:  Click on the link to Take Action to see what issues ASA is promoting, or the link to Your Elected Officials to find the representatives whose decisions impact your business.

ASA makes it that easy for you to stand up and be heard. The collective voices of ASA members can – and does – make a difference in issues important to our industry.

ASA’s Web site offers many tools and resources for companies and individuals who are involved in the PHCP/PVF wholesale channel of distribution. Visit www.asa.netand discover the possibilities.