The ASA Convention this year will take on a new look as “Network '05” is introduced. Creating industry history, “Network '05” is a new event that combines ASA sessions with the PHCC - National Association to address concerns of the entire supply chain. To help acquaint you, here are answers to a few frequently asked questions concerning the event:

Q: How do I register for the convention? I haven't received my forms yet.

A: The full brochure, along with the Registration form, was mailed out to everyone on ASA's mailing lists in late May. If you haven't already received yours, contact Nancy at ASA (312-464-0090 or email or visit to get information and download forms.

Q: I want to be sure I get hotel reservations. How can I be sure I get a room?

A: This year will be the first time that ASA convention registrants will be asked to contact the hotel directly, by telephone, to make their reservations. To book a room, go to or call the hotel directly at 1-800-227-1500, making sure to mention "Network '05" for our special rate. Be sure you do so ASAP……….the deadline is August 15th.

Q: When do I need to arrive in Orlando?

A: Most of the wholesalers, manufacturers and reps who are participating in the full program will want to arrive either Wednesday afternoon (September 7th) or Thursday morning (September 8th). The first official program begins at noon on Thursday, and includes all wholesalers, manufacturers and reps who are members of ASA. Q: I don't want to rent a car. How are the restaurants at the hotel?

A: We recommend that you don't rent a car, since it will probably only sit in the parking lot for the duration. Instead, take a cab from the airport, which is the best way. In fact, there are more than 45 restaurants within walking distance of the Disney Swan & Dolphin Hotels, so you'll have lots of choices for dining out. Q: I'm thinking about bringing the kids. Is anything being plannedfor them?

A: Glad you asked! The resort provides “Kid's Camp” 12 hours a day (7:30am-7:30pm) where they'll enjoy a variety of hands-on activities, games and projects to keep them entertained. In addition, “Camp Dolphin” is operated after 5:30pm providing fun-filled evenings for the kids, including arts & crafts and movies. Plus, you'll want to include the kids in the post-convention tours like the Disney's Back of House or Kennedy Space Center.