A Ferguson Enterprises branch in Bozeman, Mont., (in the Rocky Mountains) is in a market where the demand for radiant and snowmelt systems has grown over the past several years. Increasing demands on a shortage of contractors prompted the wholesaler to find a way to reduce the time for an installation of a hydronics system.

A pre-fabricated, pre-engineered and pre-wired system helps reduce the time of installation down to one or two days, and it also saves ample space, said Dave Morrel, branch manager.

“The space required to install a multiple zone system with outdoor reset was reduced by 75%, which is critical in today's smaller mechanical rooms,” he said. This Ferguson branch, which stocks Danfoss Zone Control Panels, has sold pre-manufactured systems for three years.

“From a wholesale standpoint, the panels have been an excellent opportunity,” Morrel said. He used to provide a material list and a drawing of how to pipe the system for each project. These were piped inconsistently, and he would receive calls from electricians asking questions about how to wire the controls. The pre-engineered system has eliminated these calls, Morrel said.

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