Uponor Wirsbo released its 2005 HCT Mini-Camp training schedule. The seminars teach radiant heating. Mini-Camp I will cover:

  • Radiant system design and applications

  • Installation options - the right method for the right job

  • Energy-management systems

  • The science of comfort

  • Primary/secondary piping strategies

  • Outdoor reset applications.

Mini-Camp II builds on Mini-Camp I, and delves into topics:

  • Advanced Design Suite™ (ADS) design software

  • Boiler piping and sizing

  • Primary/secondary piping dynamics

  • Circulator sizing

  • Flow and head-loss calculations

  • Outdoor reset control strategies using the proSeries controls

  • TruFLOW™ manifolds and proPANEL® introduction.

The remaining open Mini-Camp I training dates are: April 7-9, July 21-23, Oct. 6-8, and Nov. 3-5. The Mini-Camp II training dates are: March 31-April 2, June 23-25, Aug. 18-20, Sept. 8-10, and Oct. 20-22. Contractors can register with manufacturers representatives, or by calling 800-321-4739.