The final “Essentials of Profitable PHCP Distribution” courses for 2004 are scheduled for June 10 in Philadelphia, PA and Lombard, IL. Dr. Kathryne Newton will teach the program in Philadelphia, while John Carroll will lead the Lombard (Chicago suburbs) session. Participants in Essentials' courses receive a full day's instruction and the Essentials course book. Participants in the program also take the final exam. All who pass receive a certificate from the ASA Education Foundation. For more information click the calendar section at the top of the Foundation's homepage at

Bringing “Essentials” to Your Place

More and more wholesalers are following up the Essentials seminars with their own in-house programs. If you would like a two-page PDF flyer on how leading wholesalers are putting together their in-house Essentials programs, go to and scroll down to the “Here's How to Start a Program” button.

You can also view sample pages and sample slides from the leaders guide on the same page. If you would like to hire an instructor for an in-house program or need some advice on starting your own program, please e-mail Paul Martin at