A selection of products from the September issue.


The company's brochure describes its line of stainless-steel commercial equipment, including sinks and tables, for the plumbing wholesale industry.

Profile Systems

MasterDepot is a Web-based service that allows suppliers to utilize product data from their existing business systems as a foundation for their electronic catalog efforts. Suppliers can build value around their "raw" product data to empower their product lines for use on multiple trading and industry platforms.

Valve Accessories & Controls

More than 60 years of experience have gone into the design and manufacture of the BLX line of positioners and switches, including the V100 E-electropneumatic positioner. Conversion from pneumatic to electropneumatic (or reverse) is simple.


The new 16-page "Radiant Systems and Baseboard Heating Products" catalog provides pictures and descriptive information for AlumiPex and Qual-Pex radiant tubing, fittings, accessories and controls.

Catalpa Systems

CORE2 is an Oracle-based integrated software solution with flexibility to meet specific customer needs. It is designed to help improve productivity, lower inventory, and reduce both the cost of logistics and stress on the organization.