Hunter Plumbing Products has announced that it will no longer sell to retail customers and its sales reps will be dedicated to serving plumbing wholesalers, said Patrick Geraghty, national sales manager.

"Years ago we sold to one of the big-box retailers and it was not a good experience," Geraghty told Supply House Times. "Since then we've watched the retail market shrink. Our focus is on the trade and professionals. We sell to the wholesale plumbing industry and to the international market."

Hunter also supplies the OEM market, he said. Among its customers in that arena is Toto.

"We stepped away from a significant part of our business for the sake of this long-term marketing strategy," Geraghty said. "The plumbing wholesaler is not just a short-term answer to our volume."

Hunter has redesigned the packaging for its KwikFix toilet repair kit to emphasize the company's focus on wholesaler customers. "Our product is a quick fix, but it's not do-it-yourself," he said.