John A. Hanna has been named executive vice president and chief financial officer for North America at Rexel Canada, formerly known as Westburne.

This appointment follows the departure of Robert Chevrier, chairman/CEO of Westburne/ Rexel Canada, who left the company on Jan. 26 to pursue other interests.

"There will be no replacement for Robert Chevrier," Hanna told SUPPLY HOUSE TIMES. "That position is being abolished."

Hanna, who joined Westburne in May 1992 and served as chief financial officer, will remain at Rexel Canada's headquarters in Montreal. From there he will coordinate all corporate activities involving Rexel Canada and its subsidiaries, Westburne Supply in the United States and Rexel Inc., which is the U.S. subsidiary of Paris-based Rexel S.A., the parent company.

Westburne was acquired by Rexel S.A. in September 2000 and the company changed its name to Rexel Canada. Its plumbing operations are divided into a Canadian group, headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, near Toronto, and a U.S. group headquartered in Pymouth, Minn., near Minneapolis. Dick Adix is vice president/general manager of the U.S. plumbing operations. Paul Lachance, based in Burlington, is vice president/general manager of Westburne Plumbing and Waterworks in Canada.

Asked if there are any plans to reorganize the company, such as by selling off the plumbing operations and concentrating exclusively on Rexel's electrical distribution business, Hanna said there are no intentions to divest any operations at this time. "Our nonelectrical businesses are extremely profitable," Hanna said.

In an interview with an investment magazine published in December, Alain Redheuil, chairman of Rexel, said, "Overall we have no serious concerns regarding the growth of our various markets, even if the growth rates may be moderated."