The Logo Task Group of Houston's PVF Roundtable has gotten underway with its attempt to identify manufacturer markings throughout the PVF industry.

"There has been a vast change in our industry in the past few years," explained Roundtable secretary/treasurer Tom Cameron. "Many of the companies that were a competitive force in the PVF field have been absorbed, bought out or reorganized. Consequently, the manufacturers' markings have undergone changes. Some have disappeared, some have been deleted, some have been added. Keeping track of these is difficult."

The first step of the Task Group is to accumulate as many names as possible of existing corporate entities that supply PVF products. They are asking PVF manufacturers and suppliers to provide:

  • 1. The logo and/or manufacturer's mark that your firm applies to products that your company makes and sells, both domestically and internationally.
  • 2. The full name and contact information for your firm.
  • 3. A contact within the firm that can provide technical information about the products.
  • 4. Permission for the PVF Roundtable - and only the PVF Roundtable - to publish the information you provide and reproduce the logo/marking.
  • 5. A list of your main suppliers of raw, semi-finished or finished PVF materials, both domestic and foreign.

Contact person is Elod Papp, Director of Global Sourcing & Supply, Pipe, Valves and Fittings for Fluor, 713-596-7630,; or, Tom Cameron, 810-686-5368,