A number of companies exhibiting at the recent Kitchen/Bath Industry Show in Orlando introduced products that boasted features related to easy maintenance or more efficient use of space.

Among these was American Standard, which showed its StayClean[TM] technology available on whirlpools from American Standard and Porcher[R].

StayClean features AlphaSan[R], a patented anti-microbial agent, which is manufactured into the whirlpool plumbing components vs. applied as a surface treatment.

TOTO's new NEOREST tankless toilet premiered its Cyclone flush engine with a self-cleaning mode. TOTO engineers designed a Sequential Valve that splits the 1.6 gallon-per-flush water stream into two channels, released in a sequence of three controlled stages. The user can flip a switch to set the toilet to its self-cleaning mode, which keeps the Cyclone Rim Scouring Motion circling the rim, without having to flush repeatedly. The self-cleaning mode has a timer which stops after one minute and automatically drains the water.

TOTO's Helix EcoPower faucet is a self-generating hydropower sensor faucet that harnesses the electrical power generated by its own water flow. The electrical energy is stored in a patented rechargeable battery housed within the unit.

Elkay Manufacturing displayed a concept sink that addresses convenience and efficient use of space. Its undermount "river sink" is intended for the center of a kitchen island or family craft area. It features a long, shallow, meandering design, with the faucet and drain positioned at opposite ends of a 40-inch-long sink span. The water is drawn down the shallow 8-inch-wide tapered preparation/work area. Suggested applications include a work space for messy school projects, storage space for chilled beverages or snacks during social events or a place to engage partygoers with group cooking assignments.