Here is a sampling of the pumps that were shown at ISH North America in Las Vegas last month.

Almost 40 companies exhibiting at the ISH North America trade show at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas Oct. 1-3 offered pumps and related accessories. Listed below are some of the highlights of what was on display:

Little Giant Pump Co. showed its Pit-Plus™ pre-assembled sewage removal system with a large capacity roto-molded polyethylene basin, radial ribs for extra strength, 360-degree molded handle for easy handling, molded anti-torque pump stops, an integrated anti-flotation collar and a corrosion-proof structural foam cover. Pre-mounted, pre-set alarm floats are an additional option. The system includes Little Giant® 9S and 10S Series sewage pumps. The Pit Plus™ system comes with a five-year limited warranty.

Metropolitan Industries promoted its new Sump Boss line of battery-operated pumping systems designed so they will not fail when the electricity does. The pump features a smart charger, which acts as the brains of the pumping system by incorporating the stable charging and monitoring electronics. The owner is continuously informed or alerted regarding the exact state of the pump and charging system in both the AC and DC power modes via 14 separate LCD dialog messages.

The pump also has an auxiliary alarm/pump switch that acts as a high water alarm. It can override a failed primary pump switch and run the pump as a secondary back-up switch while sounding the alarm to alert the owner of a problem. The Sump Boss has non-corroding construction. Its column and shaft are made of stainless steel. It can pump more than 40 gallons of water per minute at a 10-foot lift.

ABS Pumps displayed its Scavenger™ effluent and sewage ejector pumps. These rugged submersible pumps are intended for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial applications. They come equipped with 1-1/4- to 4-inch discharges, a cast iron construction with stainless steel fasteners and motor shaft, nontoxic oil-filled motors and a stainless steel open loop bale for ease of removal. The pumps are available in single-phase models through 5 HP and three-phase models through 10 HP and come with an ABS-patented Contra Block® impeller with adjustable wear plate system for clog-free operation.

Grundfos Pumps featured its Comfort Series instant hot water system, which uses a patented comfort valve and pump to provide instant availability of hot water at the point of use. The valve is installed at the furthest fixture from the hot water tank. With a built-in timer, the pump allows hot water to circulate along the loop through the valve using the cold water side as a return line. As the temperature rises to 100° F, the valve closes, directing hot water to the tap. According to Grundfos, this system saves up to 16,000 gallons of water per year, per household - based on an average modern household usage - and uses less energy than a 25-watt light bulb.

Armstrong showed its ARMflo E Series circulators that each feature a dry motor design and hydraulics. The company says this makes it easy to repair the mechanical seal if it fails to operate. The E Series circulators are designed to be used in a wide range of hydronic applications, including hot water and chilled water recirculation, domestic hot water generation, radiant heating systems, geothermal heat pumps and snow-melt installation. The flange-to-flange dimensions and hydraulic characteristics (flow and head) are matched to many competing pumps of equal power. The ARMflo circulators are also backed with a two-year product replacement warranty.

Liberty Pumps presented its Model 331 portable transfer pump that can be used for moving water from one location to another. Typical applications include general water transfer, pool cover drainage, filling livestock tanks and draining water heaters. The Model 331 delivers up to 40 pounds of pressure and has a maximum head of 105 feet. The maximum vertical suction lift is 15 feet. Its features include a one-piece cast aluminum pump and motor housing with integral carry handle, durable epoxy powder coat finish, 20-foot power cord, on/off switch and 3/4-inch brass garden hose connectors. Also, Liberty showed its 370 Series pre-assembled sewage system, which includes an XL Series, 10-foot stack test model (IAPMO- listed basin), an access riser for below-grade piping installations and fully alarmed systems.

Goulds Pumps offered its NPE end suction pump series from G&L that features all 316L stainless steel liquid handling in a light, compact design. It is suited for OEM, light industrial, filtration, and wash system applications. A wide range of seal options, motor enclosures and configurations make the NPE an adaptable pump. It is available in three sizes in close coupled, frame mounted, vertically immersed, open impeller and enclosed impeller designs. The company also showed its AquaBoost pump controller, a variable speed, constant pressure booster system designed for customers of municipal water districts with low water pressure. It is available with a range of flow rates to handle homes with up to four bathrooms, irrigation systems and fire suppression systems.

Taco featured the expansion of its “00” Series of circulators equipped with an integral flow check (IFC). One addition, the 007-IFC cartridge circulator, helps to prevent gravity flow. It can be most easily zoned with Taco “00” circulators on hydronic or radiant heating, Hydro-Air fan coils or indirect water heaters because there is no need for a separate in-line flow check. The IFC is located inside the pump casing. Another addition Taco featured was the 00-Z-IFC for zoning applications. This combines the circulator flow check and Taco's Priority Zoning control with built-in transformer, relay and priority switch.