A CSA Technical Committee for drinking water treatment units has been established and was scheduled to have its first official meeting in September, according to the Canadian Water Quality Association (CWQA).

CWQA was instrumental in the establishment of the newly named CSA B483 Technical Committee which has a mandate to develop a Canadian standard for drinking water treatment units.

The new Technical Committee, made up of water treatment industry representatives, government regulators, product users and other interested parties, agreed, at a meeting held in May 2003, that there is a need to have a Canadian consensus document that addresses the complete drinking water treatment unit product; references NSF standards as applicable and addresses other general plumbing product certification requirements (mechanical compatibility and performance issues).

It is expected that the process to write the standard will take one to two years.

The Technical Committee’s scope has been defined: “The Committee shall be responsible for developing and maintaining standards related to drinking water treatment units (systems and components).”

Technical Committee Chair Scott Macdonald (Envirogard Products Ltd.) is currently working with CSA to build a “balanced matrix” of membership that includes four main interest groups: producers interest; user interest; general interest; and regulatory authority. Current members include representatives from Delta Faucet, EcoWater, Kinetico, USF Watergroup, Waterite, Zenon, Health Canada, Regie du Batiment du Quebec, Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and Canadian Water and Waste Water Association. Constance Wrigley-Thomas, Manager of CWQA, has been appointed vice chair.

The first official meeting of the Technical Committee was to be held September 17th in Toronto.