Briggs Plumbing Products announced its new Sayco faucets product line this summer as part of its “Take a Fresh Look at Briggs” campaign. The company is repositioning Sayco faucets as “the simple alternative solution” for quality products competitively priced. The product line has been simplified to be tightly focused and value-driven to compete against import lines for sales opportunities to the entry level and multi-family housing, hospitality, and the maintenance after-market channels. Sayco says its Preferred line offers ceramic disc products which provide a lifetime of smooth, drip-free operation without washers to fail or change. Sayco-Ceram™ technology is available in the Preferred line of kitchen, lavatory, tub/shower, bidet and roman tub faucets. Sayco also provides a Standard line of value-driven compression-type faucets. These faucets feature easily replaceable seats and washers. The Sayco-Seal™ stem technology is available in the economy kitchen, bath, tub/shower and specialty bath.

The lines are supported by complimentary marketing materials including a new brochure on the company’s streamlined product offering, the Sayco-Ceram™ and Sayco-Seal™ technologies, warranty information, and more. For more information, visit