Here is a sampling of what will be on exhibit at the show in Chicago, Jan. 23 - 25. More will be featured in future issues.

Bell & Gossett

The VSX (vertical split-case excellence) series includes three pumps. Available are the VSC model (top suction - top discharge flanges), VSCS model (side suction - top discharged flanges) and the VSH (side suction, side-discharge flanges). Computational Fluid Dynamics allows any of the three VSX models to provide the identical level of hydraulic performance - no matter the orientation of flanges. A wireless pump monitoring system allows remote monitoring via the Internet 24/7 from any location as a standard option.

Eclipse Enviro Inc.

The new range of Eclipse-Ostberg inline fans and accessories is available to North America. The CK Series is suited to residential and commercial HVAC/R applications and includes 12 models from 4- to 12-inch duct diameters with 12 (120-1,000) CFM performance levels. They have galvanized steel casing with baked epoxy coating and Swiss made external rotor motors. Eclipse Enviro offers a limited 10 year warranty, cULus listed factory installed power cords and a wide range of accessories.

Refron Inc.

With a 100% pass rate of ARI's random purity testing, Refron has been supplying refrigerants since the end of CFC production. All refrigerants, including the new alternatives, are available for free delivery to anywhere in the contiguous United States. A Recover/Reclaim Program is available for returning used refrigerants.

Fenwal Controls

The System One gas ignition plus temperature controller is made for commercial and industrial OEM customers. Developed for gas-fired applications, it combines automatic gas ignition with Fenwal's flexible Series 59 digital temperature controller featuring a bright three-digit LED digital display. The duty-matched components communicate to provide access to setpoint, actual temperatures, set-up parameters as well as system status and diagnostics in clear, alpha-numeric display.

IVAR North America

The Zone Controller has angled connectors that provide a clear front view of wiring for easy installation while dip switches eliminate cluttered jumper wires of the past for trouble-free configuration. It also has a rigid metal enclosure and a five-year limited warranty.

Degree Controls

The COLDFRONT intelligent floor tile system eliminates wasted HVAC energy and hot spots in mission-critical data centers. COLDFRONT saves 15-30% of energy using site-specific CFD modeling, and customized, non-disruptive installation of pre-engineered components. Modular scalable design grows with your data center.

Patterson Pump

Pro-Max® frame-mounted end suction HVAC pumps are engineered in a high-efficiency design that minimizes energy consumption. They feature a back pullout configuration for easy access and maintenance. Their precision cast, balanced impeller minimizes vibration and maximizes bearing life. Precision bearings and machining limit shaft deflection to only 0.002” at the seal face. Flows to 2,500 GPM, with heads to 400' TDH. Close-coupled models also available.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

The Handheld 3016 IAQ detects particle sources in applications such as filter testing, pre-testing prior to CIH Certification, baseline studies and validation of HVAC duct cleanliness. It displays six channels of particle data in either cumulative or differential mode, as well as temperature and relative humidity data. Data is downloaded using the company's LMS XChange software. Features include: backlit LCD touch-screen, ergonomically designed handle, and user removable/rechargeable battery.


The Advanced Groove System (AGS) for large diameter pipe features a wedge-shaped groove that provides high-pressure ratings (up to 300 psi) service for 14 to 24-inch piping systems. The unique design ensures strong joint integrity and a continuous seal around the gasket, as well as a longer “A” dimension to eliminate pipe flare.

Superior Manufacturing Division of Magnatech Corp.

The chemical-free system controls lime/scale and corrosion, eliminates bleed requirements and reduces the need for bio-control treatment in cooling tower applications. Superior's products offer an environmentally safe alternative to conventional chemical water treatment in HVAC systems, as well as over 400 different types of water using applications throughout the industry.

Orival Water Filters

Automatic self-cleaning water filters remove micron-size suspended solids, independent of specific gravity, from water in once through and recirculating systems, such as cooling, process, reclaim, effluent, intake and wash waters. Single filters handle flow rates to 12,000 GPM; units can be banked to handle unlimited flows. The automatic self-cleaning cycle is line pressure powered and does not interrupt system flow. Installation can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal in new or existing piping systems. Typical applications include protection of heat exchangers, spray nozzles, instrumentation, pump seals, I.E. & R.O. units, air compressors and the environment.

Smith Cast Iron Boilers

The 28HE Series offers thermal and combustion efficiencies with forced draft firing of up to 86% for oil and 83% for gas. They are available in 15 basic sizes, with gross output ratings from 931 to 4,622 MBH and can be used in either water or steam systems with light oil, gas or gas/light oil. The wide output range makes the 28HE Series ideal for a variety of applications including apartments, schools, offices, hospitals and other commercial and institutional buildings.

JT Products

Zip-Ez is a patented , non-metallic mechanical fastener for duct wrap, fiber-free reflective insulation and flexible duct. More permanent than just tie wire, duct tape or plastic ties, these fasteners won't lose bonding properties in extreme temperatures. Fast, one-handed installation using a drill leaves a neat, professional appearance.