ASA news for May 2002.

This year's ASA Convention in Toronto, October 29-31, holds some surprises in store for all participants. We've combined your requests for more meaningful programming with our ability to provide an influential forum for industry issues, creating what will be known as "Supply Chain Summit '02".

The Summit will take the shape of a full day's program, in which known industry figures, including some of the country's major distributors and manufacturers, will actively participate. Through moderated discussions and carefully planned presentations, we'll dedicate the day's agenda to proactively examining what distributors, manufacturers and manufacturers representatives can do to improve the effectiveness of our channel, as well as their own profitability.

The new program format will take the place of our customary menu of simultaneous workshops on disparate topics. Although the convention program will still feature some great educational sessions on timely topics, the majority of the day on Wednesday, Oct. 30, will be dedicated to our Summit. Here are just a few highlights of the program:

Adam Fein, Ph.D., author of the latest "Facing the Forces of Change" study and a recent study on consolidation in the PHCP industry, will moderate the Summit proceedings, offering his input and wisdom in the field of wholesale distribution and channel relationships.

Panels of industry distributors, manufacturers and end-users, representing a variety of sizes and niche markets, will talk about their vision of how the channel can and should evolve in the near future.

Presentations by CEOs of major industry wholesalers and vendors will provide insight into their views, and the kinds of things that keep them up at night.