With the cooperation, and only with the cooperation of the industry, will the database become a reality. Once its mechanics are established (ASA is in development stages right now), manufacturers will be asked to populate it. That will necessarily mean an annual fee, but ASA will ensure that it is kept reasonable and relative to the funds required to maintain it. Distributors will be charged a fee to have access to it, again proportionate to the value it brings to them.

In the meantime, manufacturers are being asked to participate in Source ASA+, which will become a complementary product, working together with the database, as an option for those who wish to access a more robust source of information for the products they carry (for use in submittals, sales, websites, etc.). Participating in Source ASA+ now will enable vendors to prepare their product information into the appropriate format, thus having a step-up on the industry database once it's rolled out.

For more information, contact Kevin Price at the ASA Center for Advancing Technology, 1-800-608-7308 or kprice@asa.net.