Our industry lost a great leader when Lavoy Moore passed away on December 18, 2001. And ASA and I lost a great friend. Lavoy Moore had a long history of service within our organization, culminating in his election as President in 1976. But his contributions didn't stop there. He continued to be active in his regional and national association for many years after that, offering his time, wisdom and energy to the cause.

I first met Lavoy in the late 1980's at one of WDA's great conventions. He had begun an annual tradition several years earlier, in which he and his colleagues feted the ASA president and other visiting dignitaries over dinner during that event. He told me that he'd noticed that the ASA president, most often visiting from another part of the country, had sometimes appeared "lost" at these kinds of events, not knowing too many folks and not wanting to intrude on groups already established. So Lavoy took it upon himself to play host every year to the ASA president, in order to make him feel more comfortable.

That was my first encounter with Lavoy, which was followed by many others during which I was fortunate enough to enjoy his company, his stories, his sense of humor and his many years of experience. He will be sorely missed by us all. Thanks for everything, Lavoy!