At its 2006 North American meeting for the Plumbing & PVF divisions held in September, Affiliated Distributors celebrated 25 years and presented Recognition of Excellence awards. More than 600 plumbing and PVF distributor and supplier attendees participated in the meeting. For more information, visit

Among those honored:

Masters Supply

Masters Supply, Louisville, KY, was named affiliate of the year, performance, plumbing division. Pictured (L-R): Roy Weaks, senior vice president, plumbing, PVF and HVAC, Affiliated Distributors; John Bowling, vice president-purchasing, and David Wachtel, president, both of Masters Supply; and Bill Weisberg, CEO, Affiliated Distributors.

PACE Supply Corp.

PACE Supply Corp.'s Barry Nitzberg, vice president of sales, received the MVP award in the plumbing division. Pictured: Nitzberg from the Santa Rosa, CA-based wholesale firm, with Roy Weaks (L) and Bill Weisberg (R), of A-D.


BrassCraft was named supplier of the year, leadership, in the plumbing division. Pictured (L-R): A-D's Bill Weisberg; John Stankrauf, sales manager, Steve Adams, national accounts, and James Whiteherse, senior VP sales, all of BrassCraft Manufacturing; Roy Weaks, A-D.