Moen: (L to R) Bill Weisberg, CEO, Affiliated Distributors; Ray Fisher, vice president, wholesale sales, Moen; the Moen management team; Roy Weaks, senior vice president, plumbing, PVF and HVAC, Affiliated Distributors.
At its 2006 North American meeting for the Plumbing & PVF divisions held in September, Affiliated Distributors celebrated 25 years and recognized members and suppliers with Recognition of Excellence awards.

Grohe: (L to R) Roy Weaks, Affiliated Distributors; Jeff Carney, (formerly) vice president marketing, Grohe America; Gerri Sychowski, key account manager, Grohe America; Bill Weisberg, CEO, Affiliated Distributors.
Among those honored were Moen as supplier of the year, performance, in the plumbing division and Grohe America for best A-D exclusive promotion - plumbing division.

More than 600 plumbing and PVF distributor and supplier attendees participated in the meeting. For more information, visit