Ice Air, provider of HVAC solutions, announced its sponsorship of the upcoming Thermal Energy Network Symposium, scheduled to take place on March 12, 2024 in Rochester, Minnesota. The event will bring together government officials, city managers, legislators, developers, architects, engineers and other stakeholders to explore Thermal Energy Networks.

Also known as district energy systems, Thermal Energy Networks offer tremendous opportunities to leverage renewable energy sources for heating and cooling purposes on a community-wide scale. By centralizing energy production and distribution, these networks can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance energy efficiency and promote sustainability.

Tom Glass, director of marketing and sales, Ice Air, will be participating in a panel discussion focusing on how communities and cities can initiate the installation of Thermal Energy Networks. Glass will draw upon Ice Air’s expertise in developing innovative technologies, particularly in the field of geothermal heat pumps which aligns with the principles of nature conservation and sustainability.

“Ice Air is excited to sponsor the Thermal Energy Network Symposium and contribute to the conversation surrounding cost-saving renewable energy solutions,” said Glass. “As communities strive to achieve their renewable energy goals, it’s imperative to explore innovative approaches.”

Ice Air designs efficient and durable packaged through-wall systems, geothermal water source heat pumps for space heating and cooling, and commercial size heat pumps for water heating and cooling. A wide range of markets that rely on this equipment for individual room temperature control that play a role in communities developing Thermal Energy Networks include luxury and market-rate rental apartment buildings, affordable housing and hotels and travel lodges. The urgent need for multi-family residences, senior living and healthcare facilities is expected to further increase the interest in such networks.

The Thermal Energy Network Symposium provides a valuable platform for stakeholders to exchange insights, collaborate on strategies and advance initiatives that support the transition towards renewable energy. Ice Air is committed to driving innovation in the HVAC industry and looks forward to contributing to the dialogue at the symposium.

“This is another step for our company pushing in the right direction for America,” said Ric Nadel, founder and CEO, Ice Ai, referring to Ice Air’s recent grant awarded to build new manufacturing facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina, to increase domestic production of cold climate heat and geothermal heat pumps. “The advances in heat pump technology enable far greater efficiencies and immediate energy cost-savings and fit perfectly with the Symposium’s objectives.”

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