Midwest-based HVAC distributor Munch's Supply, a division of Marcone, announced the retirement of longtime leader Bob Munch.

Although Munch's HVAC career officially began in 1985, his roots in the industry date back much further. He grew up in the business, the same one that his grandfather started out of his garage in 1956 and that his father ran before him.

Under his leadership, Munch's Supply experienced immense growth. When he became President of Munch’s Supply in 2006, the company was 50 years old with six branches in one state. Today, Munch’s generates more than $1 billion in annual sales through 103 branches in 18 states and two countries.

Munch’s vision for the business – and for those companies that Munch’s acquired – was one based on integrity and customer service. He wanted his distribution business to make it easy for dealers to get the products they needed quickly.

“For longer than any of us can remember, Bob has been a company staple,” said Claire Munch, his daughter and President of Munch’s Supply in Illinois and Indiana. “He has held many titles throughout his successful career, most notably Chief Executive Officer. But the title that I’m most proud of is dad. Bob means a lot to many people, but to me, he’s always been ‘dad’ -- and a great one at that. There’s no doubt his presence and leadership will be missed by us all.” 

As Chief Executive Officer in 2022, Bob led Munch’s Supply through an acquisition by Marcone, North America’s leading appliance parts distributor. With that, Bob transitioned to a role as Chief Business Development officer for Marcone.

“Bob Munch was the heartbeat of Munch’s Supply for nearly 40 years before he brought that expertise to Marcone,” said Keith Kramer, President of Marcone HVAC. “If the goal is to leave a company better than you found it, he most certainly did that. Bob is leaving a legacy of greatness.”